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Text Post Sat, Mar. 03, 2012 28 notes

Yunho’s Moobs~

Our lovely spam request from anon!!!!!

Well this was fun to construct *didn’t add at least 40 new images to folder during search…nope*

Ovary Status:

Admin Cao: oh the moobs. Gotta love em~

Admin Blondie: Sweet..hot damn…what?  I saved so many new pictures and gifs…a lot of them not even of the subject at hand…omg.  Let me go clean up my nosebleed…


^^^Wonder in motion


^^^A relatively new blog dedicated to the subject in question.  Go and follow them, poptarts.

*with some much much appreciated hand porn—-omg*

^We’re pretty sure this is shopped, but enjoy either way ;)

^^^^And to the creator of this…thank you. Thank you and lolololol.

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